We rejoice with you this morning, as God poured out His grace and revealed His son once again in a phenomenal way last night! For the second night in a row, our team really stayed on task, preparing the village by really geting engaged, and praying like crazy when the message was being given. Hermano Jesus did what he does, and God did what only He can do…and the result was the landscape of Heaven looking different than it did before. Our village had Christians in it, and as people came forward, an outpouring of the Spirit filled the air, as cries and shouts went to the heavens in celebration of His grace & forgiveness! We cannot thank those praying for us enough, nor the Great Lord our God, who revealed His majesty in the mountains, in a place unknown by millions, by loved by Him. As our week in ministry comes to a close, we praise God for all of eternity, and His never-ending love for those who need Him in Guatemala, and half a world away, in the United States.


1373728726210 1373728733424 1373733341769 1373728775521 1373730368635This was a chart-topper! The village we had our clinic in had followers of Jesus in it, and when family members and friends came forward to accept Jesus and/or rededicate their lives, the Holy Spirit erupted! God’s grace and mercy flowed, complete with wailing of sheer joy! Cries praising God ascended to the throne, as God poured Himself in the hearts and lives of those on their knees before Him! Psalm 99:9 says, “Exalt the Lord your God, and worship Him on His Holy mountain, for the Lord our God is Holy! Amen. We witnessed this last night. We were on sacred ground. The lives changed…were not limitied to Guatemalans…Praise Be to our Great & Glorious God !


Wow! God is so powerful, so good! We finished our houses this morning (and some pretty good artists emerged painting scenes inside the homes), and went on to the dedications. It was a incredible. Half a world away from home; we stood on holy ground, and God went to work. When He was done, His vessels were tired, but not broken, and HE had blessed us with an incredible harvest! We were blessed with not only 100% of our families responding to God’s grace, but a few family members who joined in too! It was a very long day, but to say it was totally worth it is an understatement! Please join us in praising God for a Spirit filled day, it was nothing short of incredible! And we praise Him for all the prayer support we have had; we are blessed to have so many lifting us up before the Lord, and today  He answered with a mighty display of power and grace! Amen!1373628853060 1373637487068 1373641377861 1373645360840 1373652525883 1373652490106

Building Day 2!

Day two is done, and so are the homes…almost! A little paint, and the roof, and then we’ll dedicate tomorrow! The teams had “steam” and worked diligently to finish mudding, put on the porches, and stucco (with only minor stucco fights I might add; only a couple people got salmon colored).  We are excited about tomorrow when we pray with the families, and hope that in addition to the beds and gifts they receive, hearts are opened by the great Lord our God, to the gift of His son and all of eternity. Lots of great interaction by our team; good relationships worked on to pave the way for tomorrow! Please keep praying for us, and for God to reveal Himself big time tomorrow. We are sure of this; God is doing great things in our hearts, just as He will in our new brothers and sisters in Christ!


Building Day 1!

Wow! What a day! Team Fremont/Crystal had a fantastic day building today…everyone worked so hard we got done a bit early! No casualites save a few cut fingers too. Walls up, drywall on & mudded, outside fiber-board too. Tomorrow will be sanding/painting/roofs. The teams are working very well together, and the gifts of each member coming out, and being appreciated; it’s great seeing people realize what they can do!  Jeff Fedel, who’s drawing a lot of looks for his height; really whipped through the work tha was up high, which was really handy! The ride to the village was a little tough on a few people; but no-one had to…ummm…lose breakfast, but it was close! Now it’s dinner time…Keep praying for us; God is doing great things, and preparing us for even more to come!